IPVOIP s.r.o. is a licensed telecommunication carrier in Czech Republic established in 2008. Since then IPVOIP s.r.o. has been enhancing its carrier partner network to more than 150 direct interconnects thus providing unwavering high quality at attractive rates.
Up-to-date equipment at our PoP in Frankfurt enables us to process 10 000 simultaneous calls both via SS7 and SIP/H323 protocols.
Individual approach and tailored routing for each customer ensure the highest quality standards to meet the requirements of our most sensitive partners such as mobile carriers and retail network owners.
Regular testing both with machine testsystems and manually as well as 24x7 network performance monitoring enables us to maintain stable and reliable service level.

  • 2008 Foundation of IPVOIP s.r.o.
  • 2008 PoP in Frankfurt (New Telco premises) launched
  • 2009 IPVOIP s.r.o. becomes a valued member of RIPE NCC
  • 2012 IPVOIP s.r.o. upgrades its network with new Dialogic-IMG-2020 equipment
  • 2015 CSG Assure automatic test-system installed enabling IPVOIP s.r.o. to combine scheduled and random automatic and manual testing to ensure the unwavering quality
  • 2017 5GVision monitoring system launched enhancing the quality control opportunities, network flexibility and proactive fraud and intrusion protection
  • 2018 D&B rating agency assigned IPVOIP s.r.o. with the highest financial strength rating A1. Our D-U-N-S® Number is 49-519-2422.
  • 2018 SMS switch installed and SMS service deployed
  • 2020 Partnership with Alaris Labs, a software developer for SMS services. New SMS-switch installed.


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