Network Security Management


Rapid and effective fraud detection and management


Powerful Protection

Our tools represent cutting-edge anti-fraud systems on the telecom market.

At the core of our system lies our unparalleled expertise in voice & SMS traffic, gained over decades of experience.

To maintain network security and be able to rapidly detect possible fraud attempts or network intrusion we use software that ensures 24x7 monitoring, analysis and security management. The system is based on hardware and software developed by 5GVision (c) together with own developed software - Clypeus.
Based on real-time data analysis the system builds partner traffic profiles and patterns. When abnormal traffic performance or dramatic profile changes are detected the system generates and sends out alerts to the partner and to IPVOIP customer support. All alerts are processed by our engineers, who analyze the suspicious traffic and block it. Rapid system feedback and NOC analysis help to minimize SPAM load and/or losses from fraudulent traffic.  

Detectable abnormal
traffic patterns

  • Fraud traffic to PRS ranges
  • Spam traffic
  • Generated traffic


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